We're restoring more than a building....
The Impact Goal of St. John's Chapel

Within 20 years, to achieve through "tradition, reasoning and scripture" a spiritual, safer, healthier, gentler and sustainable community with less poverty, crime, violence, teen pregnancy and other signs of moral, social and economic disintegration and decay.

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Over a period of the past 10 months, via the written word or email, most of the Diocese has received a myriad of correspondence from me concerning our Leadership Camp and the St. John's Chapel. Either informationally or programmatically, all of the aforementioned were important to the furtherance of an ideal, and the success of a 7.3 square mile Enterprise Renewal Community (ERC); Enterprise Community (ER), and more specifically a 1.3 square-mile neighborhood, located within the Eastside Community (EC).

However, what I am about to say to you, referencing the St. John's Chapel, has eternal spiritual ramifications, in a community without "biblically mandated spiritual" structure.

We need a structured presence in the Eastside of Charleston, South Carolina

St. John's Chapel is dedicated, re-consecrated and restored to its antebellum state and it will be the instrument that will bring "succor" to a people through the tradition, reason and scripture (the Word of God) that we profess as the "lynch-pin" of Anglicanism.

-- The Rev. Dr. Dallas H. Wilson, Jr., Vicar

St. John's Chapel
(Established 1839)

18 Hanover Street
Charleston, SC 29403-5515

P.O. Box 21832
Charleston, SC 29413

Telephone: 843-720-3603
Facsimile: 843-720-3602
Temporary Email:

The Rev. Dr. Dallas H. Wilson, Jr., Vicar

Weekly Services

Sunday, 9 a.m.: Koinonia (2nd Floor - Multipurpose Room)

Sunday, 10:30 a.m.: Gospel Rite II in the historical Church Building

Wednesday, 7 p.m.: Public Healing and Prayer Services, Intimate Prayer Chapel, 1st Floor AAFCBD Building

Various Bible Studies

Call (843) 720-3600 or email:
vicarstjohns@bellsouth.net for a complete schedule of services.


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